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May Newsletter

Ok guys you have three weeks we are hopefully going to be done with this next issue by May 1st. If I do not have enough to fill up a newsletter I will wait untill June. But my birthday is May 5 so I would like to have it done by then. I have so far – Robert Gault’s article, Allen Huffman’s article and I am working on the interview now. So lets get things going to make this a monster issue. Oh and I think Sock is going to do some one-liners for me.


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5 comments to May Newsletter

  • RetroRick

    I haven’t forgotten. I’ve been working on my custom version of an open-source project (inspired by bad 1950s movies), as well as providing technical help to my workplace involving several PCs.

    I have a programming article for the newsletter, but it’s about a quarter of the way finished. I really need to get back to it. :(

  • RetroRick

    Sorry for being so slow-going with this article. Still interested in it? If so, I’ll see about getting it off to you this week. :-)

  • MaryKramer

    where have you been! Yes I would still love to have this article. red rover red rover please send it on over!

    Thanks so much


  • RetroRick

    Sorry, I don’t know where the article is right now. I’ll see about digging it up this weekend. Until then, my writing another game review can’t hurt. :-)

  • RetroRick

    Couldn’t find the programming article, so an article on a little-known, incomplete, yet licensed port of an arcade game is included instead.

    Let me know if you got it or not, Mary. I sent it to you through Yahoo by accident, and that server hasn’t been reliable lately. :-(