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CoCo in Star Trek IV

First of all, hi everyone, and a big wave to those who remember me from years past. I’ve been off the boards for many years, but still meet locally with some ex-CoCoers every month or so in the So Cal area here. I still have my CoCo though haven’t used it for a while (when I have time, I have a new disk someone sent me that I need to try it out!) Roger, I’m still playing the violin for a living. If you saw “Ratatouille” this summer I was playing in the studio orchestra (if you pick up the soundtrack CD, you’ll see my name listed inside under Violins). I still have my webpage up, with the CoCo section as well as the Fujitsu FM-7 section (the Japanese CoCo “clone”). It’s at: www.nausicaa.net/~lgreenf if anyone wants to take a look. I don’t know how much time I have to hang out here but you can always email me or reach me through my webpage.

Anyway, onto the subject. CoCo in the movies.
Well I’ve posted about this before in the old forums, but in case you guys forgot, a CoCo was “featured” in Star Trek IV — not onscreen, but in the sound effects. It happens twice in the movie. Where the group travels through time… as they’re slowly waking up after the time travel, the sound in the background is the audio of a CoCo cassette tape program (after the initial leader tones). Trust me on this folks, I have perfect pitch and listened to audio cassettes loading on my CoCo for half my life. It’s the only time I’ve ever heard this sound effect used in a film, but I guess the sound engineer had an old CoCo (or at least a CoCo software cassette) laying around somewhere and used it. So forget the song of the whales in Star Trek IV, listen instead for the song of the CoCo! :)

4 comments to CoCo in Star Trek IV

  • RetroRick

    I happen to have this movie since Walmart had a discount on it. It had a whole extra DVD oervflowing with Special Features. Well worth three times the price they had it stripped down to (7.50 U.S. Dollars).

  • CoCoTower

    I actually found Star Trek IV 2 weeks ago not even knowing that was in there, but the other day I noticed the CoCo-like cassette audio and the more I listened it sounded like it *could* be another system.

    I spent half my life as well listening to the famous CoCo cassette audio as well. I might need to see if I can get a CoCo to decode that stream but it sounds like they echoed it a bit, so it might not even be possible.

  • jdiffend

    Different tape baud rates would have different pitches.
    There were several systems that saved at 1500 baud.

  • larry

    There are many things I don’t have a clue about in this world, but I’m 100% sure it is a CoCo audio cassette tape being used. It fades in and fades out and is mixed with other sounds, but it is DEFINITELY a CoCo (or CoCo clone) cassette program sound. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who can immediately tell you the pitch of your car’s brakes, a doorbell, your tires’ squeal, a FAX machine tone, a horn or even the squeaks as you clean a window. I say this not at all to boast (it can drive me nuts, though over time I now just automatically identify the sounds I hear and move on) but to point out that to me it doesn’t just “sound like” a CoCo, I know it IS one (or a CoCo-clone cassette like the Dragon). You won’t be able to load it since it’s not clean and also is missing the beginning leading tones. But there’s no mistake, this was a CoCo (or CoCo clone) cassette tape used in the sound effect mix. The speed, pitches and timing are all exact matches. If anyone ever has access to professional sound testing equipment, run it through and you’ll see I’m right. 😕 It may not be as glamourous as seeing a CoCo on-screen, but a CoCo did help the Star Trek gang travel through time!

    I remember people mentioning a CoCo being shown on-screen for a few movies and TV shows (like the ones mentioned in this forum), but I never saw any of these myself. 😥 Maybe I should rent some of them now just to see the CoCo. If only they’d have used a CoCo in “War Games” it would’ve sent sales through the roof…