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Hardware restoration/repair


Just cranked up my coco 3, and….. to make a long story short. after a few re-seating of chips daughter boards, connectors and using the old eraser I finally got it working OK.

My question is this. I was thinking of doing a bang-up job and was wondering if anybody has used deoxit with any luck, or is there a better product to use, like some kind of wipe on gold plating whatever. On old tube sockets, I have had good luck using welding tip cleaner wire to buff up the insides of the sockets. I have lots of ideas, but if anybody has had some experience with this sort of thing I would enjoy hearing of your experience/results!


Tim Fadden

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  • dentman42

    Maybe tuner/switch/contact cleaner? I’ve used it for card edge connectors but never needed to clean a chip socket. Radio Shack still sells it though it’s a bit expensive (but still better than making minimum order and paying shipping from someplace like MCM). I really miss having decent electronics supply houses in town.