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Shell+ Documentaion earlier than 2.1

I am looking for shell+ documentation that predates the 2.1 release.

More specifically I am looking for information on how to modify the command line once you “recall” it with the up or down arrows. I know you can use the left/right arrow keys to move one character at a time. I also know you can use Shift – left/right arrow keys to move to the beginning and end of the line respectively. I would like to know if I can insert characters into the currently recalled command line and if so, what key combinations to use. Most of my typing mistakes in OS9 usually deal with information that I neglected to put on the commnd line or I have misspelled something with fewer letters than what is required and then have to retype the rest of the line from the mistake onwards.

I also would like to know if it is possible to insert a cr/lf in the prompt= line to allow for a multi-line prompt.

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

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  • RobertGault

    Try CTRL+right arrow to put a space into a recalled command so that you can add missed characters.

    As to multiple line shell prompts, I don’t think it is possible. Any key combo that would generate a CR/LF would be trapped by the shell and just scroll through the command line history.
    What did you intend for the prompt? There might be a way around the problem if the individual components of the prompt generate their own CR/LFs.

  • willz88coco3

    I was looking for something similar to this:

    2008/9/2 14:50

    But I can see your point with the command line history. Shell+ 2.2a currently does a cr/lf and then displays the recalled line from the buffer. Unlike bash which recalls the history on the same line without redisplaying the prompt every time.

    I just wanted to be able to see the time when VCC was in full screen without having to resort to one of those “corner clocks”. I can just continue to issue a which forces shell+ to display the current time.

    Thanks for the CTRL+right arrow tip. I also see the CTRL+left arrow deleted a char from the line. This should save me a few hundred keystrokes per session.

  • RobertGault

    Any reason why

    2008/9/2 14:50

    is preferred over

    2008/9/2 14:50 {W7|05}/DD:

    other than using up less of the screen width? If screen width waste is the main issue, what width screen do you normally use?
    Do you always need the date and time or would an occasional
    [code:1:3bbd524572]date -t[/code:1:3bbd524572]
    do the job?

    I’m asking before spending any time trying to create some code that does what you request.

    There is one method for doing what you want if you are comfortable using dEd. You will need to modify shell, changing the default prompt to add date and time.

    You can see the source code for the current NitrOS-9 by going to Sourceforge. Shellplus.asm contains
    L002E fcb C$LF
    fcc ‘Shell+ v2.2a ‘
    L003C fcb $00
    L003D fcc ‘{@|#}$: ‘[/code:1:3bbd524572]
    where {@|#$: is the prompt. You can ‘insert’ (//) before the normal prompt and then get:
    as a prompt. If you insist on a space between date and time it is possible but more complicated. The entire prompt needs to be enclosed within quotes or the space will terminate the prompt.

    I forgot to mention that you need to also add a $0A , which is a line feed, between the two prompt strings. So, the actual code in hex$ will be
    followed by the remaining 20,20,….