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CoCo 2 with CoCo 3 keyboard??

Did Radio Shack ever distribute a CoCo 2 with a CoCo 3 keyboard? There’s one for sale right now on eBay. Most likely the original keyboard on the CoCo 2 was replaced with a CoCo 3 at some point.


6 comments to CoCo 2 with CoCo 3 keyboard??

  • DarrenA

    That is the black bezel keyboard that was sold in some Radio Shack stores as a generic hobbyist part. Some CoCo 1 and 2 users (including myself) bought one of these to upgrade the standard keyboards. A real CoCo 3 keyboard has a grey bezel.

  • dentman42

    I wish they still stocked those. i’ve got a couple of bad keyboards.

    I noticed the auction too and wondered at first why they would’ve put a 3 keyboard in a 2, but then remembered for a while some of the stores actually had the 3 keyboards in stock (not listed as being a CoCo part however). I didn’t even notice the different bezel color.

  • RetroRick

    I’ve known about such keyboards for quite a while, but I’ve never seen one before in my life. :( I first heard about them in an issue of T&D Software. The magazine took advantage of the CoCo 3’s additional keys by using them to call up functions in a a disk-editing utility. If a CoCo 3 wasn’t detected, it asked if you had a keyboard with Function Keys and such. The CoCo 3 detection was called up by seeing if there was a value of 50 in a particular memory address (part of the message “EXTENDED COLOR BASIC 2.0”).

    IIRC, the utility was called Disk Editor.

  • stinger30

    this looks like a HJL keyboard, they were very similar to the coco 3 keyboards

  • jdiffend

    I picked one of these up off of ebay and my brother had one in his CoCo2. They feel like a CoCo 3 keyboard.

    I also have an HJL keyboard in my original CoCo 1 and it feels more like an electric typewriter. I like the Radio Shack model better to be honest.

  • jdiffend

    Check ebay item 230318090656 if you want to know what it looks like.