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magazines for archival purposes – probably ebay the lot

g’day all,
today i managed to get my coco gear out of my storage shed as the fees are about to double so i said no way.
i have taken numerous photos of my collection and i have noticed there does not appear to be a rainbow magazine archive any where.

i have *PLENTY* of rainbow magazines, hot coco magazines, 80 micro magazines, and Australian magazines like goco, aussie rainbow, coco-link (infact 6 complete years of it)

i also did have an amazing collection of discs that have magically dissapeared…. im trying to locate them i have a feeling i know who has them

any how, i will upload some photos to wet your appetitite

if these are not archived as anyone around the place turning them in to pdf format at all?

when i put my coco 3 in to sotrage it had a hitachi 6309 cpu and disto one meg ram upgrade and i had gutted out a tnday 1000 case and fitted in 2 x 40 meg mfm hdds and used a burke and burke controller and ran os9 level 2 on it with R.I.B.B.S and ran a bbs on it from home…. those were the days

















complete collection usa rainbow 1984-1985 photos

have other years complete as well

more rainbow on disc instruction cards



so here is some photos of my coco 3 stuff. i have a heap more boxxes to go thru, but this will wet our appetite

i have included photos of my coco 3 i shoved in a hitachi 6309 cpu and a Disto one meg ram upgrade. i used to run OS9 Level 2 on this (similar to linux/unix) and had a few hdds attached to it & a 720k floppy drive (the hdd and 720k floppy setup & a hdd was almost unheard of) and ran a BBS from home on it for a few years. hopefully i can find the hdd setup i had





the above was my backup stock 128k coco 3, this is my one meg coco 3 , my mainwork horse when i was a kid for a number of years before i could buy an amiga 500, then on to pc stuff


you wil notice in the above photo there is a fan wired to a psu. i had to have this as the one meg kit would get do bloody hot would lock up the coco and & would get multiple coloured lines across the screen.
the 6309 could really kicked arse when used with nitros 09


if you zoom in you can see i mounted the hitachi 6309 in a socket with monster legs on it. this was so i could mount the header to it to make the one meg kit run. the header was originally designed to be soldered straight on top of the 6809 cpu. very dangerous practice to begin with. but i didnt want the 609 so i destructivly removed it with nail cutters then unsoldered it from mobo and shoved in the new socket and tested with 6309 to see if it ran. it did. then i soldered the header unit to the socket to allow the extra 512k ram run
and then, man oh man, OS9 stood up on its hind legs and RAN… man its was bloody fast i tell ya. for a 1.79 Mhz cpu and 1024k ram and a decent OS running, bugger me, even today im still amazed at what i could do.


the hitachi 6309 cpu in all its glory

more coco stuff, a spare fd500 floppy cage and spare 360k drive and a joystick & a coco serial to pc serial port adaptor i built years ago to transfer data from my coco to my pc and an magic black box my dad made for finding programs on cassette so you can listen to the cassette while it was plugged in to the coco.you could not normally do this

probably tomorrow i will add a full list of all magazines i have… wont do it
now, way past my bedtime

man, its a small world, if anyone is interested, i just stumbled across this web site


and i even gave the gentleman a call and had a great chat.

Rock on Coconuts!

a quick update, heres the magazines i have.please bear with me on the mags. i have people interested in them. one in particular wants to can the aussie mags and produce pdfs. im all for it.

Rainbow magazines

1982 – aug, sept, october
1983 – jan, nov, december
1984 – complete
1985 – complete
1986 – complete
1987 – complete
1988 – jan, feb, march, april, may, june, july, aug, september
1989 – complete
1990 – complete
1991 – complete
1992 – jan, feb, december

Australian Rainbow
1983 – november
1984 – jan,feb,june,july,oct,nov,dec,
1985 – feb,march,april,may,june,july,aug,sept,oct,nov,dec

Australian CoCo

trs 80 microcomputer news 1984 june – final edition

australian softgold magazines
1987- april, may, june, july, aug, sept,oct,nov,dec

80 micro magazines
1983- aug,sept,oct,
1985 – april,may,june,july,aug,sept,oct,nov,dec
1986-jan,feb,mar,april, may (2 copies) , june (2x copies), july (2x copies), august (2x copies), october (2xcopies)
1987-may, february
1988- february

Hot CoCo magazines
1983 – june,july,sept,nov,dec

Australian CoCo-Link Magazine
1989 june – vol 2 num3,august vol2 num4,october vol2 num5 ,dec vol2 num6,

1990 (complete) feb vol 3 num 1, april vol 3 num 2, june vol 3 num3, aug vol3 num 4, oct vol 3 num 5, dec vol3 num 6

1991 – (complete) feb vol 4 num 1, apr vol 4 num 2, june/july vol 4 num 3, aug/sept vl 4 num 4, oct/nov vol 4 num 5, dec/jan vol 4 num6,

1992 (compkete) feb/march vol 5 num 1, apr/may vol 5 num 2, june/july vol 5 num 3, aug/sept vol 5 num 4, oct/nov vol 5 num 5, dec/jan 1992-93 vol 5 num 6

1993 (complete) jan/feb vol 1 num1, march / april vol 1 num 2, may/jun vol 1 num 3, july/aug vol 1 num 4, sept/oct vol 1 num 5, nov / dec vol 1 num 6,

1994 – (complete)jan/feb vol 2 num 1, mar/april vol 2 num 2, may/jun vol 2 num 3, july/aug vol 2 num 4, sept/oct vol 2 num 5, nov/dec vol 2 num 6,

1995 (complete – final year) jan/feb vol 3 num1, may/apr vol 3 num 2, may/jun vol 3 num 3, may/jun vol 3 num 3, july/aug vol 3 num 4, sept/nov vol 3 num 5, nov/dec vol 3 issue 6 the very last magazine made

The coco-link is my pride and joy collection. I made many contributions to the magazine over the years and became good friends with the people who made it, Fred and Ros.

Just got off the phone to talking to Ros, we have full permission to convert all Coco-link magazines in to PDF format.


Id like to see this magazine collection dedicated to Fred as he is no longer with us unfortunately.

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