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CoCo Items I am trying to pass on to others

I’m an original CoCo user. I bought my CoCo I when they first came out. Actually, I worked for Tandy in the Model II plant doing repair on boards. There was two types of techs working back then, in-house repairs and post-sale repairs. In-house repairs were on boards that had failed during burn-in and usually consisted of broken or bent pins on the individual ICs that were installed on the boards. I worked on boards that had made it out the door and failed later. I also helped write the boards-level repair manual for the CoCos that was sent overseas to England, Austrailia, Japan and Canada. When it was decided to build the CoCo, the execs came in and took half of our people and moved them down the hallway and started building the CoCo I. I was in my attic the other day, and I found all my stuff from back then. I have the complete set of Hot CoCo mags, including Micro 80s. I also have several of the CoCo manuals, “Getting Started and the Extended Basic” books. I have my old CoCo I, the 5 1/4 floppy drive, many disks, and some repair parts (transformer, wafer keyboard, and some other items). I guess it’s time to get rid of the stuff. Any Offers???

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  • MaryKramer

    im offering :)

    I take in equipment and then find good homes for them. I give stuff away for price of shipping cause that is how this group did for me when i started out.
    I can pay for shipping.
    Email me at
    Nuxie [at] aol [dot] com

    Mary Kramer
    CoCoNutz! E-Zine

  • YCDTOTV_MooseFan

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the manual for the Sub Simulator Epyx did.

    At that, it brings to mind another point. I found a fair number of games, but without manuals, they’re unplayable. (Iron Cros: War in Russia is another example) Unfortunately, many older games have little feedback on screen for many actions, making i heard to tell what’s happening, or what commands do. Partly, I’m sure, a product of 32 column width – but still a problem.

    It’s one of the things I find interesting about the color computer – in many ways, it wasn’t until after the eight bit era that developers really got a handle on what made a good computer game. (Consider Football games. Look at NES Play Action Football – for example, to step aside from the Coco for a moment; one of the first games, as far as I know, to offer player substitution. A while back, my roommate were playing in on the Wii (classic games download) We were betting what the maximum score the game would allow was – I had either 127 or 255. It turned out to be 255.

    In football. We scored some 265 points in an American football game. (The scoreboard showed 10-0 victory margin, but the score by quarters shows the truth. I think I have the photos somewhere. But that’s beside the point.)

    It took until past the end of the eight bit era (and may we all mourn it’s passing) until developers got a good handle on any of the components of a good game – like a well balanced, realistic football game. But I submit that many key elements of such games could easily have been done on the Coco or other similar machines – the very first version of Madden could probably have done on an eight bit machine. take the key gameplay elements of madden, say about ’95, even with the limited graphics of the Coco2, and you’d have an impressive game.

    At least I still have Zone Runner.

  • YCDTOTV_MooseFan

    Another program I’d like to get my hands back on is Rocky’s Boots. I actually have the Coco Disk, but neither of my Coco drives works (I’ve tried cleaning them with a cleaning disk) and my 486 (IBM PS/1 Consultant) with combined 5″ and 3 1/2″ drive works – except neither of the combined removable drives will still read. (very annoying; I have several other transferred disk images, included the working coco3.rom file for Jeff Vavasaur’s Coco3 emulator on that machine, and no way to get them off now.) and at present, the other 5″ equipped PC refuses to recognize the 5″ drive.