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NIB Coco3 & more

I’ve recently acquired a bunch of coco 3 stuff and want to sell it. I have the following:
Brand new in the box Coco3 (box is damaged, all components still taped shut) and I think it probably had the 512kb upgrade since it belonged to the same person that I got the other one from, which was upgraded.
Used Coco3 with 512kb upgrade
Used FD 501 with box and manuals
Magnavox 80 Professional Monitor with manual
Tandy DMP130 printer
assorted books & disks

I guess I’m hoping to get some advice here as to the value of these items and whether to eBay it as a lot (minus the NIB one) or part it out. I’ll take offers from anyone here who may be interested as well. Shipping will be high because I’m in Canada. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at jillhorton06 at gmail.com

3 comments to NIB Coco3 & more

  • Emtwo

    No multi-pak? Thats a shame. If there was a working multipak involved I would be tempted to to take the whole lot.

    You will probably get the best deals on ebay by parting it out. Even down to the extra books. Lots of people looking for Floppy drives and manuals. Do your research on the shipping, thats where most buyers feel they get burned.

  • BookWorm

    Assuming it’s the analog color version I’m thinking of, if it wasn’t for the shipping I’d take the monitor. But how much would it cost just to get it to Oregon?

  • Emtwo

    I’m not sure she’s actually watching this page. You might want to email her.