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CoCo 3 VGA Monitor Adaptor

CoCo 3 VGA Monitor Adaptor

Can’t find a CM-8 RGB monitor for your CoCo 3? Have no fear… Roy Justus is here. This guy has created an extremely cool RGB to VGA converter box! The video output is very nice and colorful. Pictured here is one of CoCo3.com’s newest wide-screen ‘VGA’ LCD monitors hooked up to a CoCo 3.

No problem!

For more information including photos and reviews, and to contact Roy, visit this site .

10 comments to CoCo 3 VGA Monitor Adaptor

  • Carl 65

    I am considering the CoCo 3 VGA Monitor Adapter desinged by Roy Justus. I never was satisfied with the CM-8 monitor and was wondering how this adapter fairs up when using a VGA Monitor.

    • admin

      Clean and crisp. The video is very nice and you can actually read the WIDTH 80 screen now. It’s like having a new CoCo 3.

      • j_schutts

        I tried the link and it doesn’t work. Can I still get one of these and HOW do I do so & what is the cost????

  • random_rodder

    If you want some more pics to look at, go to my blog (url below) where you can see it hooked up to A 15″ hp LCD on my repack project.
    This thing is worth it’s weight in gold!!!


  • sc

    I’m looking for contact info for Roy Justus, I’m wondering if he is still making these converters. I have 2 coco’s, and one converter. I tried the link above and got a page not found. Any one with Roy info, please pass it on.


  • Yes the link Roger posted in his original message no longer exists – Cris seems to have vanished from the CoCo World. If you are a member of the mailing list, you can contact Roy from there. He almost always responds within a day or so. And yes, I do believe he’s still making these adapters. They may be a waiting list, though, nut, it’s worth it!!!


  • mikedubya


    I’ve been in touch with Roy, and yes there is a waiting list. He’s charging $120.00 and I for one am on the list. He stated that he was in the process of making a “bunch” of them.


  • j_schutts

    Here is Roys E-Mail address.

    RJRTTY [at] aol [dot] com