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Jeweled – Roger Taylor

JEWELED (c) 2008 is a very cool Bejeweled type game by Roger Taylor.  It requires a 512k CoCo 3 and a joystick or mouse, and features background jam music.

Jeweled will run in the VCC CoCo 3 emulator and M.E.S.S. emulators.  In fact – the game was completely designed from a Windows Vista PC and tested under emulation only!  That’s right – Jeweled was designed from the Rainbow IDE.  Only until mid 2009 was Jeweled actually run on the author’s real CoCo 3 !

Only about 30 copies were sold as of September 25, 2009, about one year out from the release date, proving that even at such a low price, CoCo software and games are hard to SELL these days.  Regardless, the elite CoCo gamers wasted no time grabbing their copy.

7 comments to Jeweled – Roger Taylor

  • briza

    In time I intend buying a copy of this game. Which should be hopefully soon.

  • I can tell you from just playing the first two levels on the demo that this game is a blast. Probably in a effort not to self promote, Roger didn’t give his game enough credit. I’m a big Bejeweled fan and I could play this game for hours. The graphics and animation are very impressive for a game with as much music and sfx going on in the background. I’ll be treating myself to this game for Christmas this year for sure.

  • briza

    Hi Guys and fellow Gamers.

    I have only just recently got myself a full running copy. This game is absolutely awesome. I would have to agree with Rodder I could play this game for hours just to see the SFX and Listen to the Music score in the background.
    I rate this game a 10/10 for being the 1st of it’s kind on the coco 3. Well done Roger. Any chance of a sequel ROGER. Cannot do this game any justice with only 1 version.



  • Charlie

    I wanna bump this. It is an excellent game. Lots of fun. I think the fact that so few coco users purchased the game is sad. It’s well worth it to order a copy!

    I was playing just last night but I forget, does the game support the highres joystick interface for smoother mouse control?

    • briza

      Hi ya Chaz longtime no chat mate.

      I would love to see the music and sound and mouse routines used in Jeweled being incorporated into a game using the 256 color artifacts mode. I think it would kick ass bigtime.
      But yeah if any gamer wants to play and hear a good game then purchase Roger’s Jeweled,You will not be disappointed.



  • I purchased this game about 4 months ago from Roger. He emailed it to me and I never got around to making a real coco disk from the .DSK image until last night.

    Wow am I ever impressed with it. I played it for nearly 2 hours. It runs so smooth with excellent game play. It has awesome graphics and sound. Roger you sure out did your self on this one. Anyone looking for a bejeweled game for their coco well this is it. You will not be let down. A real bargain at only $10 and you get your very own name on the title screen “nice touch!”

    I think it is great to see people still programming and supporting the coco. I know that I will always purchase any new upcoming software for the coco. We have to help keep the coco community going.

    Neil (DJ – uTc)

    • admin

      When I get caught up I need to add more of the original features of Bejeweled and put out an update.
      The game started as a super fast sprite engine and I continuously restructured the code so that the sprite framework was separated from the inner loop and logic that plays the game itself, in hopes to put out new games quicker.