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Nickolas Marentes – PAC-MAN!!!

This is an outstanding port of PAC-MAN to our beloved CoCo3. Bar none, it’s the best version of PAC-MAN in existence on the CoCo3, with PAC-DUDE running a close second.

6 comments to Nickolas Marentes – PAC-MAN!!!

  • briza

    I have to disgree Rodder. I always found playing Monster Pacman 3d up there with Nick’s master piece. Even tho it ws based on the Amiga version.
    Shame Brian O’neil only ever did these 2 games Pacdude and 3dmonster Pac for the coco 3.
    Pacdude is the second best version for the coco 3 for the original concept.
    Coco 1,2 Miss Maze is the best for that.

  • random_rodder

    I look at 2D & 3D versions of the games separately. I never really got into the 3/4 view 3D versions of video games (not even Sonic on the Sega Saturn which my kids loved). While the PAC-DUDE Monster Maze is not quite 3/4 view, it’s not really the same game either as the original PAC-MAN since it is a clone of PAC-MANIA. I will eventually get a video up of PAC-DUDE Monster Maze.

  • briza

    Agreed Rodder.

    With all the limitations Tandy placed on the coco 3. This machine still seem to do very great clones that either surpass the licensed stuff or is level pegging.
    Nick’s is the best pure Pac-man clone to date. That is until someone decides to do a Sock and emulate the real arcade version to the coco 3.
    Hint Hint Nick.

  • Charlie

    Nicks pacman for the coco3 is fantastic! Love this version and I play it a lot.
    Being a pacman fan I’d like to see this version patched to have the ghosts behave more as they do in the arcade. Also the hit detection between pacman the dots and the ghosts could be tweeked to be more like the arcade version. Can you tell I play lots of pacman? :)

  • RetroRick1974

    If you’ve read my “Buzzard Bait” review in CoCoNutz, you can probably guess how I feel about this game – An extremely well done port, and Nick made sure that nothing was short-changed when run on CoCo hardware. Hats off to him for his effort on this one, but IMO, what really gives a home computer port an advantage over the arcade version – it’d be to offer things the arcade version never had. While Nick’s version does this to some extent, I believe it could’ve been taken a bit farther without offending purists. For one, the option of an alternate maze would be most welcome. :-)

  • Charlie

    Yeah Rick but then you would have to put a bow on pac-man and it would be Ms.Pacman. 😉