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SuperIDE Interface from Cloud-9

SuperIDE Interface from Cloud-9

This is Cloud-9‘s impressive and popular SuperIDE Interface cartridge supporting CompactFlash memory cards, IDE devices, and much more! You owe it to yourself to visit their website and learn more about this cool cartridge and their other CoCo products.

SuperIDE Interface

Documentation FAQ

IDE And CompactFlash For Your CoCo!This revolutionary new CoCo product from Cloud-9 brings a plethora of storage options to your Color Computer! Hook up any IDE drive or CompactFlash device to your CoCo for use under Disk BASIC or NitrOS-9! The SuperIDE interface is the first mass produced product for the CoCo to utilize high-density parts which draw very little power.

Another CoCo First: the SuperIDE also features FOUR software/hardware selectable banks of user-programmable FLASH! No more burning EPROMs, no more opening the case. With the provided software, you can easily flash any image into one of the 16K banks. Put your favorite DOS or even a ROM Pak into a bank and instantly load it onto your Color Computer!

Standard Features

  • Supports hard drives and CompactFlash devices
  • On-board CompactFlash socket
  • 40 pin IDE connector
  • 64K of user programmable FLASH
  • Supports NitrOS-9 and Disk BASIC (using HDB-DOS)
  • Employs latest in chip technology for low power draw and upgradability
  • Comes with FLASH programming software and test utilities under Disk BASIC
  • Optional real-time clock
SuperIDE Specifications
Feature Description
Connectors 40 pin IDE and CompactFlash Socket
Memory 64K of internal FLASH
Software IDE and FLASH programming utilities

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