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CoCo in the Movies

CoCo in the Movies

The CoCo ended up in some movies back in the day, and I bet you don’t even remember.  This is a work in progress with more clips added as they are found.

Here’s a few clips to remind you of when you were a Nerd long before anybody else in the world accepted personal computers to be normal. :)

The first part of the video appears to feature Steve Bjork’s version of Zaxxon, although this is not comfirmed yet. I just loaded that game up and it looks like a match.

6 comments to CoCo in the Movies

  • I just found a CoCo 1 in David Addison office, but it’s just in the pilot episode.
    You can get a glimpse of it a few times, when he’s there with Maddie Hayes.

    If you don’t know what show I’m talking about, you did not own a TV in the 80’s! (Or used it just for your CoCo 😉 )

    • admin

      I was glued to the tube back then and I don’t recall that name. Help me out here.

      By the way, I see a TRS-80 model (?) in the Swamp Thing movie, but no CoCo yet. Maybe I’m overlooking something. Someone mentioned in this forum that there was a CoCo in that movie.

  • jdiffend


  • Yeap, Moonlighting is right.
    As for TRS-80, in Remington Steele, Mildred loved her Model III. I do believe that they didn’t get it after the show had already been on for a few seasons

  • richgel99

    At around 37 seconds in the clip, you can see Bjork’s Audio Spectrum Analyzer cartridge on the TV in the background of the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”:


    I had this cartridge as a kid, and it looked exactly like what’s in the movie.

  • pilot352

    There was a “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise”. It was a total waist of 2 hours of my life. Big time letdown after the classic.