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Michtron -Speed Racer

I always enjoyed playing this Pole Position clone. Only thing was if you played it numerous times it would all of a sudden seem to get easier. Don’t know if you could all of a sudden go faster relative to the other cars or if there were more cars to pass or what but all of a sudden I could easily get 100,000 points when I normally struggled to get 80,000. And it wasn’t just getting in the groove. Because once it got easy it stayed that way as long as you were running the game. Anyone else remember that happening to them?

Oh and I got the game when it first came out. So if you got the game later and it didn’t happen then perhaps they released a corrected version.

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5 comments to Michtron -Speed Racer

  • Charlie

    I never had this one. It looks really good though!

  • jdiffend

    NO SINGING! No really.
    I wanted this game but ended up getting Morocco Gran Prix.
    Have you played Morocco Gran Prix?

  • linlee

    Yes I have Morocco Gran Prix. I very much preferred Monaco GP over Pole Position in the arcade. But Morocco Gran Prix isn’t as good a Monaco GP clone as Speed Racer is a Pole Position clone. I’d call it pretty much a tie between Morocco Gran Prix and Speed Racer.

    I also have a Gran Prix video on YouTube and I promise no singing in that one.

  • briza

    Hi Guys.

    I have indeed found that the game got easier to play later on after you had lapped all stages. It did get easier to play.

    Chaz mate, Buddy where have you been hiding LOl. Love the post you made in the old forums you sure did cause a Shit storm with that one. Btw a lot of people are starting to agree with ya on it also.

  • Heh… I had completely forgot about this game. I’ve been playing Pit Stop II for the last few days thinking there was another racing game; Speed Racer was it.