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Part 9: Setting up application programs

This page lists several notes I have made to myself about installing programs under Multiview – and just generally transfering them onto the Coco’s hardrive. I hope they help others do the same!Note – the procedure/batch file outlines in the Flight Sim example can be used for most of the other program mentioned here – I simply choose not to repeat myself in order to save some time and space.

Flight Sim II:

There are 2 modules in the OS9Boot on the Flight Sim II (FS2) diskette which need to be transfered to your boot disk – they are FT and FTDD. I did this simply by typing ‘LOAD /d0/OS9Boot’ then using the SAVE utility (either from RTSI or the development sy stem) to save Ft and FTDD. Then I rebooted OS-9 – loaded those two modules into memory and made a new OS9Boot for my boot disk. Note – you might have to load FS2’s Os9Boot twice (ie. again after the first save).Type in the following procedure / batch file; if you use SHELL+, it can be stored in your CMDS directory and run as if it were an actual program:

*Flight Sim - Procedure Command File in CMDS that starts Flight Sim
xmode /w type=1; display c >/w
chd /dd/flight_sim
(fs<>>>/w; xmode /w type=80)&

For multiview operation, I found an icon in the ICONS.LZH file on RTSI that works well for FS and I put it into the /dd/cmds/icons directory – setting its attributes properly as well.Multiview seems to have a problem with executing shell scripts – even with GSHELL+ and SHELL+ installed so here is a neat work around that I use. First you need the the ALIAS command from the RTSI site – the URL is on the previous OS-9 files web page. Onc e you have it, type the following command:
Note that I named the previously listed procedure file FLIGHT.BAT – also the name of the program to execute – as entered into the AIF file – is FLIGHT

King’s Quest III

Start by adding the AGIVIRQdr and VI modules to your boot file from the original floppy (/d0/modules directory). The program copies over uneventfully and can be executed from a VDG window. You might want to rename the program from SIERRA to something more descriptive. Also to keep it apart from Leisure Suit Larry which also uses the SIERRA name (and also required the same modules in memory). An even better idea is to create entirely seperate execution directories both both of them.

Carmen SanDiego

This one transfered to the HD just fine. It requires that it is started by a VDG type 1 window though, like Flight Sim etc. You can use a simular batch file to the flight sim one, and make an alias to start it from multiview icons.

Clearbrook Software Group – IMS Database System

Instruction were hidden at the very back of the manual for Coco 3 installation. First of all the DCOPY utility on these disks needs to be used to transfer the program to HD. Start with a :
/d0/dcopy /d0 /h0 m -p #40k
for both the CMDS and UTILITY diskettes. Then set the terminal up with the command:
assoc default coco3lii80c
if you are using windows. Conveniently left out of the main manual is the fact that the IMS.Level2 program on the utility diskette is really the same as the IMS program for level 2 usage – therefore it should be copied into the CMDS directory as ‘IMS’ (af ter the DCOPY of course). The DCOPY seems to uncompress the files or something, because I tried installing the system without DCOPY and it didn’t work – so use the utility.

Deskmate 3

First thing to do is patch Deskmate so it can use a highres mouse interface and also so that it can be run from any VDG type window, and not just TERM.ftp://os9archive.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/APPS/DeskMate3_Patch.lzh

Then I followed the instructions in this helpful file for making deskmate, multiview compatible. ftp://os9archive.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/APPS/MVue_DM3.lzh


Rogue was as simple as moving it over to the hardrive. It seems to want to run in almost any windows including the 32×16 ones.ftp://os9archive.rtsi.com/OS9/OS9_6X09/GAMES/Rogue_Mods.lzh

Sub Battle Simulator

In order to get this one working off disk I had to fire up DED with a ‘DED /dd/cmds/sub’. Then I pressed the up arrow once – which showed a directory of /d0/cmds on the screen. I changed this to /dd/cmds, did a ‘w’rite and then a ‘v’erify, and exited. The n I renamed this file to sub_battle, because there are two ‘sub’ programs – one on either side of the floppy disk. You need to move the files in the ‘sub’ directory on side two of the disk to /DD/SUB, because the directory is coded into the program, and a ny other name will not work. Start the program with your data directory pointing at the root directory – not at SUB directly. IE. chd /dd. The sub_battle program will then move into the SUB directory by itself. Of course Sub Battle also needed the VDG scr een to start.

Koronis Rift

When copying over the files to the hard drive, I changed the name of /d0/cmds/autoex to /dd/cmds/koronis for obvious reasons. Koronis seems to want to run only off of /term so I uses DED again to find the /term reference (by hitting the up arrow key a few times once ‘koronis’ is loaded into DED) and changed it to /w with three extra ‘.’s. So the hex for W7.. is now $57 $0D $0D $0D. Note that bit seven DOES NOT NEED TO BE set to the window descriptor – in fact, when I tried it, the program crashed. The res t of the files in the root dir of the diskette can go into a sub dir on your hardrive, which you can use as your data directory. To run the program, once it’s patched – type:
xmode /w type=1; koronis<>>>/w&

Rescue on Fractalus

Had to rename it from autoex to fractalus, while copying over to the hard drive. Pretty straight forward otherwise – start from a VDG window and give it its own subdirectory for the files in the root of the floppy.

Leisure Suit Larry

Required the same modules to be added to your boot file that Kings Quest III does; namely – AGIVIRQdr and VI. Other than that, it runs from any VDG screen much like Kings Quest etc.

Winnie the Pooh

Use DED to replace the following in the ‘WINNIE’ program:

  • /d0/dlogo.pic with DLOGO.PIC and replace the leftovers with 0D’s
  • /d0/WINTITLE.PIC with WINTITLE.PIC and replace the leftovers with 0D’s
  • /d0/obj2 with $20’s until OBJ2 – ie replace /d0/ with spaces ($20)
  • /d0/room2 with $20’s until ROOM2 – ie replace /d0/ with spaces ($20)
  • /d0/savegame with $20’s until SAVEGAME

WAIT!! These instructions don’t work yet – and I haven’t have more time to play with this program. If you know a solution PLEASE let me know – thanks…

Color Computer Artist

Ran fine when copied over. Must be started from a graphics window if you are not going to use a batch file. Also recognized (or maybe defaulted to) my hires mouse on the right joystick port which was nice.

Trivia Fever

These Coco 1/2 games are proving to be a royal pain. I’ll update this when I figure out how to do it.


Transfered to hardrive without any trouble. I see RTSI has many Dynacalc patches available which I’ll look into eventually.


Interbank Incident

I’ve heard that this one is not hard drive compatible and that you need to boot with a newer version of OS-9 then what it shipped with in order to make it run on a Coco 3. I’ll check it out when I get some time.

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