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Versatile Serial Pak for the CoCo and Dragon

Versatile Serial Pak for the CoCo and Dragon

All compatible with the 16K CoCoNet EPROM (enhanced Disk BASIC)

Many variations of a base “serial pak” model can be customized on demand, or ordered by a formal name. You can have the serial port header facing inside the case or outside the case, a Tandy Communications ROM or the CoCoNet ROM, a bluetooth module or a MicroSD memory module, and other customizations on request.

By mixing and matching these components, you can turn a lot of neat or serious ideas into reality.

Formal Product Pak Style Retrofit Module Addresses Available
Deluxe Wireless RS-232 Pak Internal header, pak case,
Tandy Telecomm ROM & CoCoNet ROM included
A7’s EB301 bluetooth module $FF68 – $FF6B
Not available until ‘A7’ resumes sales of their EB301 bluetooth module.
TTL Serial Pak Internal or external header, pak case, Tandy Telecomm ROM or CoCoNet ROM None $FF68 – $FF6B
2GB MicroSD Drive Pak (aka Plug and Play Pak) Thousands of floppy disks and hard drive images possible in a little game-pak sized cartridge. 128mb-2gig MicroSD module $FF6C – $FF6F
USB Serial Pak uSB-CE5 USB to Serial Adaptor $FF68 or $FF6C Soon

One device that can plug directly into the 2×6 header is A7’s EB301 bluetooth module.  In fact, in a Deluxe Wireless Pak, the header and module are mounted inside the case. The other device to arrive soon is the 2 GIG memory module which will be used as a simultaneous Disk BASIC and OS-9 drive system.

All pak models use the 6551 ACIA to communicate with either a bluetooth radio module or 2 GIG MicroSD drive module. The image below shows an external style serial pak with an EB301 module plugged in.  A regular Wireless Pak would have this module inside the case.


The photos suggest that this is a SparkFun EB301 when it’s actually a product of the A7 corporation.


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