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hello all

G’day everyone,

1991 – as a 21 year old I packed away my Coco3 and MC-10 to get on with my life. After all it’s hard to meet chicks in front of the computer (not so hard these days!). Anyway nearly 20 years later I’m coming home. My beutiful wife thinks it’s hillarious that I have this interest. I’ve talked about getting the system out of the closet (!) for ages. She has always lovingly mocked me about it but you know what?…I’m sitting there installing an NTSC Coco3 board into my ausie case (gotta have the artifact colours), moved the 512K board from my PAL board onto the NTSC board (remembering cap65) and she is like wow that is cool. I dunno it’s just a little win I wanted to share…oh and making the kids play retro games is fun as well…need to dissable the Wii first for this to work properly.

I think it’s amazing that you are all on here keeping the COCO going. Well done to you all. I’ve just ordered the micro SD pak so really looking forward to that, not sure how long it takes but I can wait.

My next mission is to see if I can track down info on Australian COCO magazine. Doesn’t come up with much in a google search. I was hoping there was an archive out there. Used to contribute to Australian MICO and Australian COCO. Had a couple of games published and one wound up on the Best of COCO-OZ which was a compilation tape /disk that GOLDSOFT used to distribute through their magazines.

Anyways sorry for the long post. Just wanted to say hi…

Darren Ottery

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  • briza

    Hi Darren.

    Sounds like your based in Australia. If so welcome back to the coco family. There is about 6 of us Aussie coco users I’m aware off that are still using real hardware.
    Btw I have some PDF files of the Aussie coco magazines.
    Email me at tigers2roar at yahoo.com.au

  • Jason

    G’day Darren,

    Welcome back to the CoCo community :)

  • Daz

    Thanks guys. I’m at Tweed Heads. Prefer the real hardware. Have heaps of COCO stuff as well as other retro computers and conols. Most is packed away but currently have setup a 512K NTSC COCO3, dual disk, multipak, commodore 1084S monitor which I found in a store room at work today! Need to get a cable sorted. It’s good to get some time again to get into this. I’ve kept an eye on proceedings over the years and picked up the odd item on ebay.

    Talk to you later.

  • Jason

    Hi Daz,

    Pleased to meet you. I’m in Brisbane. If you like, send an email to jmlaw at iprimus dot com dot au and I’ll forward any new stuff we do as we do it. That offer is good for anyone else too :)

    Great to see more Aussies comming out of the closet lol 😀

  • I’m in the States. Glad to meet you. You picked a nice time to jump in and have some fun!