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CoCo-to-PC Serial Cable Instructions

CoCo-to-PC Serial Cable Instructions


6 comments to CoCo-to-PC Serial Cable Instructions

  • j_schutts

    Can you send me a copy of these Pics that I can read? My E-Mail address is as follows:

    j_schutts [at] yahoo [dot] com



  • linlee

    Is this the same cable as the DriveWire serial cable (4 pin DIN to DB-9)from Cloud-9?

    • hhos

      If there is a difference, I have missed it. They seem to me to be the same, right down to the individual pixels.

      • admin

        The hell you say. :) That’s my hand drawn image all the way. However, I promote the sharing of public material and if you saw it on their site, then that’s ok. That’s what we’ve been about since 1980… sharing.

        I whipped up the image because we (the public) have been without a decent instruction sheet for making a simple serial cable for far too many years, and now they are easy to find and easy to read.

        The wiring itself is so simple that nobody can claim it’s theirs. It’s the minimum standard besides the lesser reliable 3-wire approach.

        P.S. if you really meant, why are there two identical images posted here? One is the image that shows up in the message summary listings, and cannot be zoomed when shown in the message view, so I appended the image again and it can be zoomed. This is one of those Word Press thingies. I just didn’t put any text between the images so it looks odd.

  • It’s basically the same. I don’t recall the jumpers being there from 4-6 & 7-8, tho I could be wrong. I’ve made this cable and am awaiting the arrival of my DrivePak so I can use it…