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eb101 and eb301

Dear Coco

Maybe you can tell me where we can buy the bluetooth eb101 and eb301 from a7eng.

Best regards

Ulrich Grøn

Elektronik udvikler/
Electronics developer

Legtech El-Teknik
ersehaven 17
3320 Skaevinge

Tel. +45 7734 9045
Info [at] legtech [dot] dk

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  • admin

    It is still a mystery to me where A7 is and why they are sitting on their products this long. The “CEO”, a.k.a head Indian apparently went to another company. Shortly after, A7’s web site went down, later to appear as an Apache installation page (giving the impression they were working to come back up), then the page went to a Godaddy parked page.

    So many people were buying and using the EB301 module. It was my luck that once I got involved with the item, the whole company would go belly up. The good part is that the serial pak I make can be fitted with other modules or boards to make a wired or wireless pak. I just need to find another module and if the pins don’t match, make a mating cable or board.

    Or… wait some more on A7 or their new name to come back. Keep googling words like Embedded Blue, EB301, EB301, A7 Engineering, and keep your fingers crossed.

  • Fedor

    Hej Ulrich!

    For et øjeblik troede jeg, at jeg havde fundet endnu en CoCo-intresseret i Danmark, men I er nok mere interesserede i komponenten. :-)