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Adventure Game – Success Mansion?

I got a tape full of CoCo programs from my grandpa today. Most of them seem to be simple BASIC programs like you’d find in a magazine to enter yourself, but one of them struck me as different, as it takes quite a while to load.

I loaded it on to my CoCo 2, and ran it, and got a simple title screen that says “Success Manion – Press Any Key to Continue”.

Unfortunately, after I pressed the key, I got “The Adventure Begins…” followed immediately by “?OM Error In 3020”, which I gather means Out of Memory.

Has anyone played or heard of this game before? I tried a Google search on it, but didn’t really come up with anything, aside from a .DSK image that somehow referenced the name of the game (in an index, I guess) without actually containing the game.

I can try to load it on to my computer via my sound card if anyone wants to take a look at it. I suppose I could even extract the ASCII if I mess around with it in an emulator (it does look to be in BASIC). I don’t know if it’s actually too big, or if some programming error is causing it to try loading data into an address that doesn’t exist (I have 64k of RAM, by the way).

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  • Try Typing PMODE0:PCLEAR1 before loading the game. How much memory does your CoCo 2 have?

  • I just checked my disks because the name sounded familiar. Last week I imaged a disk called Success Mansion. It is an adventure game written by Paul Ruby Jr in 1986. It supports the Tandy Speech/Sound Pak. I believe this may have been a Type-In from a magazine because the one from my disk image aborts with an SN Error. If you could convert it to an audio file, I would love to see it – it might allow me to correct the errors in the Disk Image that I imaged. It’s a 10 Granule file so it’s pretty large. If the one from your cassette works I could just replace the one in the disk image and then upload the image to maltedmedia. I always upload all disk images that I make to maltedmedia so others can enjoy them.

  • jmetal88

    I said it in the first post, 64k.

    But yeah, the PMODE0:PCLEAR1 thing totally works! Thanks, I had no idea how to make it work. I’ve had this CoCo since I was in elementary school but I never bothered to try properly using it until recently.

    Oh, and apparently I was mistaken, I don’t know how to get the ASCII, as it isn’t ASCII BASIC, it’s tokenized (is that the right word?). But I do have a .CAS file made of it if you want to try playing it, and also a .DSK I made using an emulator if you’d prefer it in that format. I have no idea who programmed it.

    • Yes, tokenized is the correct word. You can get the ASCII by typing SAVE “SUCCESS”,A — The ,A will save it in ASCII format and then you can extract it from the Disk Image as ASCII. -John

  • jmetal88

    Ah, second reply while I was typing. I’ll try to get the CAS file uploaded somewhere so you can get it. I would have attached it to the first post, if I had realized you couldn’t attach things in comments (I literally just registered here).

  • jmetal88

    Oh, thanks! Would you prefer the ASCII file, or one of the images I made?

    • Yes, ASCII would be fine – if you could email it to sales [at] gimechip [dot] com – tokenized would work as well or even the .dsk image. You may have to send it as a “.zip” file for my email to accept it. There is an FTP site here: http://ftp.maltedmedia.com – I upload everything that I image to the incoming folder. Anything that you have that you’d like to share, perhaps you could upload there as well. I have uploaded a great many files there over the past three years. Everytime I buy out a CoCo lot that has disks, the images end up there :-)

  • jmetal88

    I just uploaded it to some of my otherwise useless web space:


    • Got it – THANK YOU! On the disk that I imaged, I will rename the defective file to SUCCESS.OLD and I’ll put your SUCCESS.BAS on there. Then, with your permission, I’ll stick the image on maltedmedia -John

  • jmetal88

    Go ahead. :)

    I’m all about sharing. In fact, I specifically got these tapes from my grandpa so that I could upload interesting things for people to pass around.

    I also have what looks to be a word processor cassette called “Telewriter-64” if you’d like to see a copy of that. Of course since that looks like a commercial program there’s a better chance it’s already out there, but I haven’t looked for it yet.

    • Yes, TW64 and TW128 are already in the archives. I have accumulated almost 200 Gigs of TRS-80 archival projects, PDF’s, Software, etc. People have been emailing me the stuff for years, plus what I’ve put together myself. One day, I am going to set up a PC specifically for hosting all of this archive for free downloading. I’m just not sure how to go about setting up a download server yet. I’ve uploaded a great deal of it to maltedmedia, but there’s still tons that I haven’t got uploaded yet.

  • RetroRick1974

    For future reference, if PMODE0:PCLEAR1 doesn’t help, or isn’t an option for a program running out of memory, you might try:

    FILES 0

    That’s a number Zero, not the letter “O”. :)