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Wanted Tandy Color Computer items

looking for coc o 2,3 items
drive fd 501
512k upgrade
kingsquest 3

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  • zerocool, you can find Kings Quest III as a disk image and pdf’s of the manuals at a couple of the archive sites. E-mail me at sales [at] gimechip [dot] com if you need URLs/links. As far as the 512K upgrade, I have made several for myself and it’s quite time consuming, so when I needed another one, I decided to order a complete and ready to go unit from Cloud-9 (Mark Marlette). I have to say, this upgrade is worth every cent of Cloud-9’s asking price (I ordered the complete thing with SIMMs ready to go). It installs quickly and works perfectly. When I calculated the time and material cost of making my own, I realized that I ended up with a cheaper and BETTER solution from Mark at Cloud9tech.com than if I had made my own. Hope this helps – John

  • If you run the monochrome display, 80 columns is going to be just fine. Some color combinations, such as white on blue, will work ok too, but not optimal.

    One upside, is that display will render the nice 256 color artifact stuff being worked on. One downside is things like word processing and such, at 80 columns will likely be lower quality than you would like.

  • mrrattle

    check my ad on kijiji, canada, british columbia, prince george
    search trs80 color computer, i have coco3, factory user manuals for coco2 and 3, several of the start up guides, bunch of programming books and 9 games.