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CoCo-to-PC Serial Data Cable

Hello I have just received my CoCo-to-PC Serial Data Cable. Is there some documentation on how to use it to transfer programs from my PC to the CoCO…


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9 comments to CoCo-to-PC Serial Data Cable

  • atarileaf

    Sounds like you’re describing the drivewire cable. All the software for that is at cloud9tech.

    • admin

      Actually, he’s talking about the unique brand of cable I build and the DVD that I sell here. My cable’s specs are on this site as well if anyone wants to compare to anyone elses version of a serial cable. I do believe mine is more compatible with stubborn PC programs but I could be wrong.

      My cable is solid molded on the PC side (no pieced together crap) and on the CoCo end is a shiny brand new 4-pin DIN plug.

      I can make about 6 or 7 more of these cables before my supplies run out.

  • atarileaf

    Oh my bad, sorry :)

  • pilot352

    Ah Ha!!! So it wasn’t just me. I thought I was going mad. Thanks for update.

    Also, the last time this happened to me, my posts were deleted the next day. Did you delete them?

    — I hope this get’s posted in the right thread —


    • pilot352

      Nope… it didn’t!!! ARRRRRGGGG!!!

      Your fix didn’t work Roger. LOL

    • admin

      Yes, I deleted them because there is no way to relocate comments unless I do surgery on the database.

      Oddly enough, it’s not happening to everybody and it seems to be happening more with the same people.

      What browser are you using?

      • pilot352

        Hey Roger,

        I’m using Firefox. I thought it might be related, so I cleared all my cache to see if it would help, it didn’t. I’m running only one add-on which is “ADDBLOCK”. This is in addition to all the standard add-on’s.

        I have noticed that if i reply directly to a post such as this (i.e. selecting “reply” in the hyperlink ), it works fine. But if I post a reply in the box at the bottom directly, it get’s posted in the wrong thread.

        I hope this additional info helps.



        • Robert Gault

          I’m using Seamonkey which is a kissing cousin to Firefox and I’m not having redirection problems.