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Shanghai 1.2 for OS9, how do I run it?

It has been so long since I’ve ran a Basic09 program I have not a clue what to do.

I want to play Shanghai 1.2 for OS9 (its not the activision version) located here:


How do I get the contents of that LZH on to a floppy disk and then run in under Nitros9?

I do have a DOS PC I use to make coco floppy disks.

Maybe someone can put it in a DSK for me? Or tell me how?


4 comments to Shanghai 1.2 for OS9, how do I run it?

  • Robert Gault

    LZH is an archive file. You need an OS-9 program (search RTSI) that reads .lzh files.

    It looks like you want to run the game on a real Coco rather than an emulator. If so, transfer the .lzh file either to a real floppy with a PC utility or to your Coco using Drivewire or CoCoNet.
    Unpack the .lzh file, once on the Coco, with an LZH utility program. If that is the Shanghi program I think it is, it runs under Multiview (OS-9).

    • Yes, LZH can be extracted with WinRAR on the PC and then I can use MESS to put the files in an OS9 disk image…
      Now that you mention Multiview I’m having a flash back….
      I think this game is on an os9 hard drive I have that needs the Burke & Burke interface. I havent used that in a long time but I’ll hook it up tonight and see if I can find it and copy the game to floppy.

  • Booted up the hard drive last night and found Shanghai 1.2 by Earther software (?) and another one (2.0) of a version called ShangMan. Both are very good games! I had no problem using dsave to get them to a floppy. Stored the B&B and hard drive back in its box for another 5 years ;-p