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Pitstop 2 / Pitfall 2 on SD Drive Pak

Hello all,
I have a SD Drive Pak. I have been unable to get either of these programs to work (both disk images obtained from the Coco Software Repository). I transferred them to the SD card using the Coco PAK program.
Pitstop 2 shows as *.BAS and on running crashes and the top half of the screen is jumbled and it freezes.
Pitfall 2 is a BIN file – the loader screen appears, but it shows Disk Read Error following a memory check.
I have been trying to run both on a 128k Coco 3.
I am really keen to have a go on these on the real hardware. I would appreciate it if a fellow user could enlighten me if I am doing something wrong or if somebody could email me a disk image that works ok, or if a CAS file could be obtained that I could load in using Cocotape.



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3 comments to Pitstop 2 / Pitfall 2 on SD Drive Pak

  • pilot352

    I just tried Pitstop2 on the DrivePak and can confirm that it doesn’t work. This may be due to the game calling ROM routines that have been changed in the DrivePak. It does work fine on MESS. Not much can be done about this unless the game is reverse Engineered or the original author posts the source code for modifications.


  • Roger

    My guess is that the game is making nonstandard DOS calls. Tandy defined many years ago how to call the DSKCON routine, yet many programmers refused to do it the right way and easy way.

    If the programmer would have just let the game load naturally we wouldn’t have these types of problems. Some programmers even went so far as to reinvent their own DSKCON routines.

  • Robert Gault

    I’ve just looked at the code for Pitfall2. The Basic program loads an ml program which makes use of the ROM DSKCON routine to load track 34 into memory. That much will work with either Drivewire or DrivePak.
    The loader program then checks for OS at $2600 just as the DOS command does and if found, jumps to $2602. In fact, the game can be started with the DOS command. Unfortunately, the code loaded from track 34 does not use the disk ROM but contains it’s own disk I/O routines. That means the program will not run via Drivewire, DrivePak, or from a hard drive with RGBDOS or HDBDOS.

    Most likely Pitstop2 does the same thing. If someone wants to rewrite the track 34 routines to use the DOS ROM, it is possible that these programs could be made to work with non-standard hardware. Even that may not be sufficient.