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Drive Pak cartridge needs new producer

Urgent message from Roger Taylor. Please echo to other forums.

I’m looking for a developer to take on the rights to the MicroSD Drive Pak product.

Due to several problems I am unable to deliver the MicroSD Drive Pak back orders in a timely manner that is acceptable. My right eye has become blurry and may be due to a welding mishap last year but I don’t know yet. I am also pressed to get the Phoenix IDE packaged up as promised to waiting customers. I want to focus my CoCo projects on software again and I expect to release impressive software and games on 2GB and higher MicroSD cards in the future for Drive Pak owners.

I have sold a lot of MicroSD paks and there are still e-mails coming in from eager customers. So the business is still good. Any time they are run on ebay, they sell.

I’ll have to verify but there are about 26-30 pending MicroSD Drive Pak orders. I have the pak boards which are labeled with the exact part #’s to be soldered in. They are not surface mount which is good because anybody with a soldering iron can assemble these boards. I’ll include all parts that I have in stock to help get you started, including the remaining pak cases and screws, etc.

In order to help in the transition, I will stay in contact with free tech support on any matter whatsoever and help in producing enough parts for the back orders.

This is not a partnership but a transfer of ownership of the MicroSD Drive Pak product rights. I estimate that it will take about $600 to finish the back orders, so you can consider that your buying price to all rights.

I will help when needed with any technical matters and with ordering any needed parts. These paks are rock solid and to date I have had no repair requests from hundreds sold.

Send me an e-mail for more details if you are truly interested.

This post was submitted by Roger.

4 comments to Drive Pak cartridge needs new producer

  • linville

    I might be interested in this. I’m not sure I have your current email address. If I don’t find it before you read this, please contact me at linville [at] tuxdriver [dot] com to discuss this further.

  • DarrenA

    Roger, does this mean you won’t be able to do PCB assembly jobs for me anymore? I will soon need to find someone who can assemble a few disk controller boards I made for the MC-10.


  • Mister Bill

    Hi Roger,

    I am very interested. I sent you an email regarding this and I’m not sure if I sent it to the correct address.

    Please contact me at bjs[at]emailetc[dot]net to discuss.


  • adventure

    Please keep me updated. I have been waiting for over a year. I am very eager to see someone take this on. My coco3 is collecting dust.

    Good luck..

    Jeff Christiana
    support [at] thefutureis3d [dot] com