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Notice: Network upgrades being done

As you may have noticed the site has been down periodically over the last week. We have been doing a few upgrades and the work is almost complete. There may be another small interruption in up-time before it is complete. Hopefully the improvements will be noticeable to the users of CoCo3.com.

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3 comments to Notice: Network upgrades being done

  • Robert Gault


    Would it be relatively simple to permit a user to edit his/her own comments? If it is currently possible, could you put instructions somewhere as I surely can’t find how to do it. :)

  • Admin

    I will look into this. Also, you and everyone else have no doubt been as annoyed as I have at the site being down intermittently. This has been resolved, I have rebuilt the entire site. There may be a few links that are broken. If anyone notices any please let me know – sysadmin @ NOSPAM @ coco3.com. Thanks.

  • Admin

    Being able to edit your own comments is possible, however it seems it is not quite as simple as enabling an option. It may also be moot at some point – please read this post: http://www.coco3.com/community/2012/03/a-question-to-all-coco3-com-users/