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Selling my Diecom Iron Forest Game (including light gun)

I have decided to sell my copy of Diecom’s Iron Forest game for the
Color Computer. The package comes with the manual, two floppies, one
Sega Phaser light gun, and one adaptor box. All originally bought from

They were all tested yesterday and work without any problems.

Here are some pictures of the actual pieces I am selling:


Here is an advertisement for the game:


If you are interested, please email me (tlindner [at] macmess [dot] org) an offer.

I do not know if the light gun hardware will work with the VGA adaptors
that are available now-a-days. It will work well with RF, Composite and
RGB output of the CoCo 3.

For those who have not seen it yet, here is an article I wrote
describing how the interface box works.


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2 comments to Selling my Diecom Iron Forest Game (including light gun)

  • I have a copy of this device that works the same with the Sega Phaser. This does not work with any kind of converter or upscaling video device. I’ve only used it with RGB on the CM8.
    Good to know composite and RF work also.

    Anyone who is a COCO gamer should want this. Great, fun game. A real gem for our COCO3!

    Good luck with the sale!

  • Fedor

    Sounds interesting! Would you be willing to ship to Europe?