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Coco3 capacitor leakage :S

Hi all, just got a coco3 at a thrift store this week. After 1 hour using it it died. Turning it on showed me only black and white stripes. So I opened it (it still had the seal, it was sad :S) and I found this:



cleaning it up:



I’ve already ordered the same capacitors to replace them (I’m gonna replace all capacitors!). My question is: is that possible that caused a major failure on system, or just putting brand new equivalent capacitors should work fine ?



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2 comments to Coco3 capacitor leakage :S

  • CaptainZap

    Yikes! Those sure looked rough! Yep. All it takes is one dead cap to cause serious malfunctions. I would start with replacing those two first, then fire it up. Just make sure to install them in the correct orientation via polarity. Replacing all of them is a good idea btw. :-)

  • retrocanada76

    As I feared replacing all capacitors didn’t solve the problem. When I turn it on I have no image, blank dark screen. But when I turn it off, I see the green area disappearing, like there is missing sync or something else.
    The PSU seems to be okay, I got 5V on C15 but I can’t do anything else.

    What are the symptoms for bad ram ?