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CoCo game – Can anyone help?

I’ve heard of a CoCo release called Bible Computer Games, which I read about here:


Anyone know where I might find it for download? Thank you for your time. :-)

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  • Robert Gault

    I did find more information on these games but not where they can be found.

    ” I then got my Dad, John Conrod, who was a retired pastor, into computer programming and we started writing Christian themed computer games together in 1982 after I graduated from WarrenTech with a Certificate in Computer Programming. We published a series of Bible Computer Games for the TRS-80 Color Computer which included the following titles; Bible Scramble Games, The Memory Verse Games, The Quail Game, Moses’ Rod, Noah’s Ark, The Church Growth Game, Heavenly Mansions, The Exodus Game, Manna from Heaven, The Rapture Game, and Daniel & the Lion’s Den. We then sold the Bible Computer Games at Church Bazaars, Pastor’s Conferences and Denomination Conferences.
    Philip Conrod”

  • RetroRick1974

    That is a big help, thank you. :-)

    Now that I have some legitamite titles, I was able to track down more info on the releases, like this:


    At least with some titles, I stand a chance of actually locating some of these. :-)

    – RetroRick.