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How to setup my CoCo?

So, I have an old 16K coco2. After all of these years I would like to revive it and play around a bit. I do not want to do anything major. Basically play some games with my Daughter and write some basic programs and save to disk for old times sake.

2 things:

1.) Output to VGA… Possible? I read that one person used a http://www.amazon.com/Mygica-SuperColor-Converter-Definition-Standalone/dp/B000XY6N5Y/ref=sr_1_50?ie=UTF8&qid=1342244217&sr=8-50&keywords=coax+to+VGA to do this and that it worked well. Thoughts?

2.) I saw some of these SD card mods that let you load and save programs from them. Is it as simple as plugging it into the program pack slot and then loading the files like you would from floppy or cassette, or is it more complicated than this?

I saw that for the one SD card thing from could9 that you need to have at least a 64K coco1 or 2. Are there other SD solutions or do I need to pick up a new coco? (I would rather do this then mess with the electronics)

Oh.. One other thing… I used to have a game called “Peanut Butter Panic” on Cassette. I would LOVE to play this with my Daughter if anyone has a copy of this.

Thanks for any info or help that you can provide. I really look forward to writing a basic program and saving to disk and then eating some sandwiches in Peanut Butter Panic with my Daughter… *crosses fingers*

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