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Today’s storage options


I have this bare-boned coco3 that I just repaired. I’m using the cassette port for transferring games but I think I need a better device.

I was wondering about the SuperIDE but the manual doesn’t tell you how to transfer files on it. Didn’t find any detailed review on internet.

So my question is: with only the SuperIDE would I be able to transfer files from PC to the CF (can I plug the CF on PC and copy disk images on it) ? Remember I don’t have a multi-pak nor FD-502, nor HB-DOS. Just the coco3 and the SuperIDE.

Does the SuperIDE come with the HB-DOS rom ? Would I be able to play my favorite binary games on it ? Or do I need any extra hardware? Does it fit on lateral slot with a CF card plugged on it ?


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  • Robert Gault

    Why aren’t you asking Cloud-9 directly? They can tell you what the format of the CF card is and what kind of software on a PC is needed to read/write to it.

    One other approach would be to use Drivewire but that requires a cable from you Coco serial port to the PC and software available from Cloud-9.

  • drag0n

    Superide comes preloaded with hdb-dos and Nitros9. You can play all games and run nitros9.
    You can use the SIDEwalk utility on your PC/Mac/Linux to the Superior CF card.
    See https://sites.google.com/site/drivewire4/sidewalk