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Building my first Dragon 32 project

I’m trying to develop my first Dragon 32 project, just a Hello World one, and I think Rainbow IDE is the best environment of that.
But I’m lost when I want to execute in the emulator my project. I saw how easy is to create a Coco disk but I’m not sure how to do it for Dragon 32. Any help?


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2 comments to Building my first Dragon 32 project

  • Robert Gault

    I think you must assume that the Dragon emulation under MESS uses the same disk format as Coco emulation, probably coco_jvc_rsdos. Under M.E.S.S. Emulator in RaindowIDE select either Dragon 32 or Dragon 64.

  • Kan_Spain

    It doesn’t work. It seems that they are quite similar but not the same.
    I’m trying to copy files inside a dragon blank disk but no lucky so far…