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MicroSD Drive Pak

To all customers waiting on their MicroSD Drive Pak, and to all customers wanting a Drive Pak!

Infinitum Technology is now producing the CoCoNet/Drive Pak products and is working aggressively on delivering all back orders.

What this means is that I, Roger Taylor, have no rights whatsoever to the Drive Pak or CoCoNet, nor am I responsible for answering any questions regarding these products or pending orders, etc. Everything has been sold to Infinitum Technology who is the new owner of these PERFECT CoCo products. Rest assured that if you placed an order for a Drive Pak and haven’t received it yet, you’re about to receive it!

Please direct all other questions and interest to www.colorcomputer.net.

Thank you,
Roger Taylor

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4 comments to MicroSD Drive Pak

  • briza

    Gidday roger.

    Does that mean we can expect more games soon. And one maybe using the 256 artifact color mode :)

    • Roger

      Phoenix IDE first, then I will be able to do some mean stuff that runs from a Drive Pak, perhaps even a 1 GB or 8 GB game.

      As for 256 artifacting, I have also found that 16-color error-diffusion dithering works good using only 1 solid static frame using no CPU hogging tricks. In other words, 16-color dithered frames can be flashed at high speed for some awesome video sequences using very little code, leaving lots of elbow room for audio tracks. That’s another thread, though. :)

      • briza

        Gidday roger. Now that is gd news mate. Imagine wat could be done using 1g or more lolz. I will buy a drive. Pak just to play any games on it :)

  • Sorry it had to come to this. Still looking forward to Phoenix.