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All this spam….

really stinks. :( If the board admins need help digging thru it let me know and I’ll be willing to spend a few hours/days purging all the crap.

There may be a few WP updates that can be done to help reduce the junk as well. This is a great resource for coco info, but it’s such a pain sometimes to dig around the cruft.


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3 comments to All this spam….

  • Roger

    I’ve written to Wes a while back about the growing spam. When I ran the site I had to prune accounts that had (0) posts and weird names or e-mail addresses. That helps out a lot. You can also block a user right when they post garbage.


  • The problem also is there’s very little anti-spam protection turned on here. There are a handful of WordPress modules and plugins that help deal with that.

    It’s just too easy to create an account. So banning the user doesn’t really help much… they just create another throwaway email box and register again. :(


  • Admin

    We are finally working on cleaning this up and preventing it from occurring in the future. I now have a bit of help with that.