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Sailor Man Color for RGB Monitor ?

Does anyone have a version of Sailor Man that is patched for color on a RGB monitor? I have tried the Spectral RGBPATCH but it doesn’t work for this particular game. Sailor Man is one of the best COCO2 games out there. It is really well done and better in many ways than other versions on other 8-bit computers. It would be nice to be able to show it off in color.

Here it is.

** Edit:
I deleted previous post. Had a bad disk image. This one should be good.

SAILMAN.zip (24 KB)

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11 comments to Sailor Man Color for RGB Monitor ?

  • JasonL

    Hi Charlie,

    Sorry I misread your post. I thought you had found the RGB patched version.

    I’ll give patching it a try..

  • JasonL

    I’ve managed to patch it successfully. while I’m at it I’ll just see if there’s anything else worth adding to the patch, maybe a load screen etc then upload it for you.

  • JasonL

    Hi Charlie,

    I put it on hold while I worked on another idea, but that idea is now on hold while I wait for the SuperIDE. I wasn’t sure too if there was still any interest in it.

    So far I’ve disassembled the loader to see what else I can add. I’ve been able to add detection for CoCo 2 or 3, so I can leave the original on the disk with the patched version. I think that’s important for completeness/posterity.

    I’ve started work a semi-graphics title screen to give you something to look at while it loads. This may also included controls to make various selections. I need to check if it loads properly with other DOSes and make adjustments, if I can, to try to make it more compatible.

    I’m also wanting to add some select options for RGB/CMP and a color changer and/or patcher to allow you to change the CoCo 3 colors so you’re not stuck with my choice.

    I had also started looking into modifying the character graphics so the text doesn’t look as bad from the mode change and reduction in resolution, I’m still undecided on that, in some ways it’s a neat effect but then in some places it looks worse too. Provided the graphic data isn’t compressed I should be able to locate it easily, but could also be a lot more work.

    I couldn’t find the original manual for it, but I have the advert from the Rainbow magazine that describes most of it, so I’ll include that in the zip package.

    The color choices weren’t so easy for this one. I’m trying to make them similar to the arcade/nes version, but with just 4 colors, it makes the choice of colors a lot more difficult.

    Here’s a few screenshots:




    So I’ll get back to it now, can’t say how long it will be though.

  • JasonL

    Hi Charlie,

    I just saw your messages on the list. I didn’t realize this was a project of yours. I had started some DOS fixes but I’ll leave it alone now. Just get a hex editor and search for FF22 then find the instance that’s F8 B7 FF 22 and change it to E8… then set your palettes in your basic program.

    Have fun :)

    • Hi Jason. It’s not a project of mine, I just really like this game. I’ve been playing on a coco1 so this color issue hasn’t been that important. I do want get my hands on a version that will work just like the screen shots you linked too above. That is perfect!

      A user “Zephyr” at Tandycoco.com forums posted a version that uses color, but it does not have the option to use them set to the red/blue to emulate the artifacts. You can grab that here:

      I have no idea about using a hex editior, I don’t even think I have one on any of my disks… So if you could post a disk image with the fix, or email to me, chazbeenhad at hotmail dot com I would really appreciate it!


  • JasonL

    Hi Charlie. This is a freeware PC hex editor I use:


    Or you can use VIP DiskZap on a CoCo, it’s how I did it back in the day. I’d started an article about this in one of the CoCoNutz newsletters years ago, it included some color charts etc which could be useful when doing RGB patches. Not sure which issue it was though.

    I’ve never used the RGB patcher program so I don’t know why it doesn’t work, but using the hex editor method works for most games, some can be a little more trickier than others. I usually add the palette colors to the .BIN file to keep it all together but it works just as well when setting them from BASIC. So you could add a menu and/or color selector easily to your BASIC loader. Also you’ll need to add the POKE&HFFD8,0 so the music plays at normal speed when using DW 3 (or CoConet? dunno, I don’t have it). Feel free to use the colors I’ve chosen if you want. The BASIC loader will let others change the colors easily too.

    I was probably just over doing it anyway because it was a classic CoCo game and I personally much prefer not to use BASIC loaders :)

    Feel free to ask any questions if you get stuck with the hex editor. One tip: make sure it’s set to overwrite (see status bar). If not press insert to toggle this.

    I won’t upload my version because it’s not completed and has other things added. So best would be you learn to patch it then you can do most any game you like :)

  • JasonL

    I just tried that disk. It’s already patched for RGB, that is the screen mode is changed to four colors (then set the palettes), mine would have just done the same, plus a few extras. Had I known this version was available, I would never have started mine. Anyway, all you have to do is set the palettes :)