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Assembly Language for CoCo 3 and OS-9 Level II


I know that Basic09 allows for assembly language programming under OS-9. However, I am wondering if anyone knows of an assembler application that allows the full use of the CoCo 3’s 512KB of RAM and its new graphics modes under OS-9 Level II. I am a newbie to OS-9, just getting a Cloud-9 SuperIDE controller with built-in NitrOS-9 Level II for the Hitachi 6309 microprocessor at the 2012 Last CoCoFEST!

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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2 comments to Assembly Language for CoCo 3 and OS-9 Level II

  • Robert Gault

    There is no assembler that has built-in simple calls to use memory or graphics. However, the OS-9 owner’s manual lists all of the system calls with syntax for accessing graphics.
    In general, a user would not manipulate the memory or hardware directly but request as much graphics memory as needed from the system.
    The manual needed for this info can be found on line in several places. One is
    you probably want Level2Manual.pdf

  • CocoJon

    Cool! Thank you so much, Robert. This is just what I needed.