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Boyle’s CoCo Games Page … updated?

I’d like CoCo users to know that Boyle’s CoCo Games Page has been updated several times recently. You can see the updates here:


– RetroRick.

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2 comments to Boyle’s CoCo Games Page … updated?

  • Terry Steen

    Never Google your name… I guess!

    It was awesome to be recognised by RetroRick… I have been doing a lot of reflecting with my family and walking down memory lane the last few months, even getting to the point of thinking about seeing if I can fire up an old machine to see if it can sputter along enough to show my kids.

    Is there still a following out there?

    I love that old machine. I still remember CSAVE’ing my first program on that 4K RAM standard basic machine and the hours of learning about the MC6809. How many of us wrote our first ML programs by converting our written commands to hex, then poking it into memory.

    Ahhhh… the good old days!

  • RetroRick1974

    Good to hear from you, Terry. :-) Any place I can find a list of your releases? I’ve only found a handful through T&D Software, and many T&D contributors had works published outside of that magazine (including Alan Pakerski, who had several dozen T&D releases).

    But to answer your question, they have CoCo projects every now and then, but they’re not as frequent as they once were. One of the most recent was the conversion of the Donkey Kong ROM to run on a CoCo 3.

    They also had a BASIC programming contest not too long ago:


    I’ll probably get back into programming once I permanently get Windows XP running; right now, I’m just running it on an obsolete, dying machine. I’m hoping the situation will improve in a few months.

    – RetroRick.