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CoCo Floppy Disk Data Transfer Rate?


CoCoJay and I were trying to find out what the data transfer rate for a 5.25-inch DS/DD floppy disk drive is on the CoCo under RS-DOS and OS-9.  However, we couldn’t seem to find a direct answer anywhere on the Web.  Does anyone here know the answer to that question?

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  • Robert Gault

    Looks like you are going to have to determine that yourselves. After all, science is experimental. :)

    For example, create a file of known size. Let’s say it is a binary dump of memory from $5000-$6FFF or 8192 bytes. Then you can write a short Basic program to start a timer, LOADM, the data file, and print out the elapsed time.


    20 PRINT 8192/(A/60);” BYTES/SECOND”

    You should be able to write something similar in Basic09 using the OS-9 clock function.

    You can increase the file size for better accuracy as long as it does not overlap your program.