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using .cas files in VCC emulator

Hello! so i have a .cas file.. i go to config>tape and hit the browse button and select the .cas file. I hit play, then i type cload”pactac2.cas and i see the S blinking, it shows the game name (Pac-Tac 2).. the tape climbs to about 6000 and then stops, and then the S stops blinking but there is no cursor, cannot type EXEC. what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance

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  • RetroRick1974

    Sorry for the delayed response. The site kept logging out whenever I got to this post.

    I tried the version of Pac-Tac 2 from the Color Computer Archives and it worked fine. The only catch was that I had to have the cassette player set to “Play” before anything would load.

    What version of VCC are you using? I have 1.43 Beta.

    – RetroRick.