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Welcome to Mary Kramer’s CoCo Community newsletter, the CoCoNutz! E-Zine.

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Mary’s dad was Dale Kramer (egad it’s elad!) who was active with the CoCo Friends Disk Magazine (CFDM) before he died. Dale left behind a lot of CoCo stuff that Mary later came across, eventually leading her us. Mary Kramer joined the CoCo Community and has remained here as active as her dad was. Mary has come a long way with the CoCoNutz! E-zine and she asks that you help it grow even more by contributing new CoCo material of any kind. Thanks, Mary, for joining us and being a part of the great CoCo world!

coconutz_thumb_marapr2008 Mar-Apr 2008 issue4/26/2008An Interview with Rick Cooper from CoCo Friends Disk Magazine, Recursive Programming by Robert Gault, Drawing Diagonal Lines with Computers, A Basic09 Tutorial by Bob Devries, and more.
CoCoNutz Volume 3 Issue 2 Volume 3, Issue 26/6/2007 

The Life and Times of the Color Computer. Getting to know Steve Bjork, Real Donkey Kong on the CoCo, CoCo 3 prototype, 16th Annual CoCoFEST!, The CoCo and Music, and much more.  This is the best looking issue to date with lots of content, in screen and print editions![Printable PDF]

CoCoNutz Volume 3 Issue 1 Volume 3, Issue 12/22/2007 

Nick talks with Allen Huffman; An Introduction to the Rainbow IDE – by Bob Devries; Programming for the Tandy High Resolution Joystick Interface – by Robert Gault; Color Computer Tray – by Militant Buddah; X-FILE: A file manager for Disk Basic – by Diego.

CoCoNutz Volume 2 Issue 3 Volume 2, Issue 311/1/2006 

A talk with Briza, David Dubowski; Precision Floating Point Numbers byRobert Gault; A Basic09 Tutorial by Bob Devries; “Wipeout Revisited” Written by Mark McDougall; Graph submitted by Roy R Justus; BASIC and ML program listings, pictures, and more.

CoCoNutz Volume 2 Issue 2 Volume 2, Issue 28/1/2006 

An interview with Nicholas Marentes and lots more!

CoCoNutz Volume 2 Issue 1 Volume 2, Issue 14/1/2006 

An interview with Sock Master! and lots more!

CoCoNutz Volume 1 Issue 4 Volume 1, Issue 412/23/2005 

See other CoCoNut’s computer systems in full color, including Cloud-9’s “Lab South” room! You’ll have to download this issue to see what else is inside!

CoCoNutz Volume 1 Issue 3 Volume 1, Issue 310/29/2005 

Articles by Robert Gault, Richard Kelly, Nick Marentes; One liners/Programs by Diego, Rodney Hamilton.

CoCoNutz Volume 1 Issue 2 Volume 1, Issue 27/8/2005 

An interview with Lonnie Falk!, Programs, Reviews, One-Liners.

CoCoNutz Volume 1 Issue 1 Volume 1, Issue 11/5/2005 

How to set up your CoCo, List of keyboard commands, Splash N Run, Interview of the month, Contact with the other side.