What is the CoCo Community up to these days?  What new stuff is being created?  Come here often and I’ll try to showcase a new project or product periodically.

Occasionally a new product or project will be showcased on this page with a little information about it.  Maybe over time this page will grow to allow submissions from developers to show off their stuff.

The CoCo3FPGA Project!

A CoCo 3 emulated in hardware running at 25MHz!



The CoCo Does Video!!

John Linville has pulled off the impossible.  Jump from 1980 to 2011 and apply modern thinking to the same hardware and you might come up with something like this:



Commodore Music Player

Remi Veilleux is now playing Commodore SID music files on the CoCo.

CoCoSID2 is a software synthesizer running on Tandy Color Computer 3 (CoCo 3) which tries to mimic the sound of a Commodore 64 SID chip. The result is quite good, mixing 3 channels in realtime at a sampling rate quality of 23 KHz. The music is decompressed in realtime too, requiring a total of only about 37120 bytes of RAM for code+data. Keep in mind that the CoCo 3 is running at 1.79 MHz and has only a 6-bit DAC audio.

My homepage:



CoCoTape by Roger Taylor

Load programs from your PC to your CoCo using a standard cassette cable.